Division registered in the name of FWC SOLUTION. Responsible to conduct R&D to ensure the technology used and developed is in accordance with the needs of aquaculture.

FWC believes that technology can help farmers to produce quality yield and reduce overhead costs. Every farmer should have access to technology no matter how small the farming is.

The focus of R&D is to develop technologies that are affordable and suitable for use by all farmers.


Adapt the use of sensors and detectors to test water or soil to ensure livestocks and crops are safe. By utilizing the internet network, testing can be done remotely and action can be taken immediately.


Digitize farm management such as SOPs or parameter logging which can be accessed anywhere for reference or analysis.


Test the effectiveness of aquaculture farming techniques/styles according to the suitability of the system to be used. Recommend and be a trainee to workers on the farm.



FWC and Hiliran B. Kelulut joint venture project. Still in their prototype phase as an IoT module, possibly as a stingless bee nest monitoring system such as keeping logs of temperature, humidity and movement frequency. These data can aid operators to take actions such as analyzing the causal variables to the movement of kelulut and in turn promise consistent honey production.

The module is also equipped with a nest movement detector thus reducing the possibility of theft.

Progress Status
Requirements Testing 10%
Hatchery Digitalization

The application has been developed specifically for Hatchery Center in Ampang. The system has been tested for 5 months and is nearing the end of its Beta testing phase.

FWC-1-Stop or F1S as an acronym describes this application has great potential to cover the entire management of livestock/plantation processes.

Among the main feature of this application is the ability to estimate the hatching period of eggs with 80%-90% accuracy, this application helps the management team of Hatchery Center to estimate the production of craylings each month.

The app has been used by hatchery managers and FWC @gangs under the guidance of FWC. 

FWC sees the possibility of making this application accessible to general farmers/breeders such as catfish and tilapia farming.

Progress Status
Beta Testing 90%

The FWC’s main project is to complement the commercial farms to be developed. Has important sensors to detect water parameters such as temperature, water turbidity, light percentage, tds, pH and other sensors that can be adapted to this module.

FWC Solution sees the possibility of this module to be packed as a complete system package for other farmers at an affordable cost because this product is developed locally and can reduce import costs.

FWC is confident on the capability of this system since FWC also conducts farming  aquaculture.

Progress Status
Prototyping 18%