“Dosing safely, easily and accurately”

Safe solution for raising KH (Bicarbonate-Carbonate Buffering).

Every ml has a high carbonate concentration according to the Booster variation.

To facilitate dosing, this product comes with a Dose Calculator to ensure that the KH target can be increased accurately.

Product Type : Supplement

Size : 250ml | 5l


KH Booster is a safe solution to increase KH (Carbonate Hardness) without interfering with GH (General Hardness) parameters.

Using lime such as Dolomite, Calcium Carbonate, or Coral are are time consuming since breeder need to wait for carbonate to ionize, if not measured correctly or dosed in large quantities the risk of turning to hard water after a few days is high and GH will also rise.

Main functions :

  1. Stabilize / Raise PH.
  2. Obtain appropriate parameter targets for new systems or even after new water change.

2X AND 6X?

Variations of KH Booster are labeled according to the carbonate concentration of 2x and 6x.

KH Booster (2X)

1ml will raise 2dkh and ±30ppm at a ratio of 1 liter.

** Suitable for system applications below 1000l and used as parameter maintenance.

KH Booster (6X)

1ml will raise 6dkh and ±90ppm at a ratio of 1 liter.

** Suitable for system applications above 1000l and new system setup.


  1. Shake before use.
  2. Calculate the target KH.
  3. Use the Dose Calculator to get the right dosage.
  4. Take a KH reading after 10 minutes after solution totally dissolved.
  5. Make sure the bottle is tightly closed when not in use.
Foot Notes :
If the pond/system has livestock, it is recommended that the dose not exceed 50ppm to reduce potential stress. Divide the dose into several phases over a period of 24 hours.


Sodium, Hydrogen Carbonate

This product is phosphate FREE. No phosphate content can reduce the likelihood of algae bloom in aquariums/livestock tanks.

KH content in the water will be reduced for several reasons such as the occurrence of excessive decomposition of organic matter in the water, too much aquatic plants without a proper carbon dioxide diffuser and several other factors. It is recommended to keep the readings at an optimal level (4.5dKH minimum) so that there is no chance sudden drop in PH happened.

The relationship between this parameter, the logic behind and chemistry of water is described intensively here (notes: blog post is in Bahasa).


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