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FWC open opportunities to farmer who want to venture together.


Along with one of FWC’s core missions, we are strongly committed to sharing knowledge and helping individuals who want to generate or start a business in aquaculture. FWC offers a number of joint ventures that may suit the capital and capacity of prospective farmers.



Terms & Conditions :

1) Stay in Ampang district.

2) Owned space for aquaculture.

3) Owned transport for craylings and broodstock logistic.

4) Passion in aquaculture.

Capital :
Risk :
Return :

The main objective of this joint venture is to focus on crayling production. 

The capital cycle is as early as the first 2 months of craylings production. This joint venture is suitable for farmers who are looking for side income with minimal cost and low risk.

FWC looking for farmer who are committed and passion in aquaculture. Prior to qualifying farmer  partners, FWC will train farmers on appropriate systems and techniques. After the training process, FWC’s representatives will supervise the farmer for a month to see progress before moving on to a more serious level in this venture.

If the breeders agree to this joint venture, FWC and farmer will agree to an MoU. FWC agreed to be the supervisor to the farmer’s harvest and the farmer agreed to be the producer of craylings and agreed to a predetermined price according to the current market price of craylings.

You can directly contact us by email or through our phone number. FWC will explain more clearly about this joint venture and the direction of farmers as FWC partners! Or you can click here to email us.