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Freshwater Lobster (LAT)?

LAT or Cherax Quadricarinatus found in permanent freshwater streams, billabongs and lakes on the north coast of the Northern Territory and northeastern Queensland. Populations are also found in Papua New Guinea [reference]. The taste sweet and chewy as if King Crab and Sea Lobster is very suitable as alternative to Sea Lobster [references]. LAT more affordable and sustainable which can be farmed in cage or through indoor farming. Sea Lobster especially “Maine” species which cannot be farmed commercially [references]. 

Demand for LAT start to increase most from restaurants and stalls, but the demand cannot be coped by local farmers since commercial farming is not common in Malaysia.


Small scale farming was started on October 2018 and demand as food starts to increase, FWC was registered at SSM on January 2019.

Started with hatchery in Ampang, Selangor FWC in progress constructing commercial farm in Bestari Jaya on 2 aches land and expected partially operational end of December 2021. 

FWC also established a new division named FWC SOLUTION in charged of development technologies specifically for aquaculture and IOT (Internet of Things).





“Strong and Fast Growing”

First and essential division established  by FWC. The hatchery is carried out using a closed system, the seeding process implemented university’s R&D researches and selected broodstocks to ensure strong and genetically fast growing crayling.


“Freshwater Lobster at Your Doorstep”

Fully responsible for carrying out the development of farming projects. The farm blueprint is based on Biosecurity documentation issued by the Department of Fisheries Malaysia (DOF). Promising premium livestock products free of antimicrobials and hormones.


“From Farmer to Farmer”

As suggestion of the government and concern, this division was established and registered on January 2021. Responsible for conducting R&D and developing specific technologies for farmers to help maximize livestock yields.