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Is a safe solution to raise GH (General Hardness) that suitable for fresh water and salt water with a ratio of 4:1 (Calcium:Magnesium).

High GH (dGH) readings are usually known as ‘hard’ water whereas if low GH readings are known as ‘soft’ water.

GH Booster is equipped with a Dose Calculator to ensure accurate GH parameter readings can be achieved.

Product Type : Supplement

Size : 500ml | 5l


The use of lime such as Dolomite, Calcium Carbonate example like coral, eggshell, or seashell takes sometime to raise GH because calcium and magnesium take time to ionize since most lime cannot dissolved directly in water.

If not measured correctly or dosed in large quantities there will be a risk of turning the water too hard after a few days.

GH Booster is an instant solution to boost minerals for systems that already have fishes or crustaceans.

Main functions :

  1. Re-mineralization after water change.
  2. Raise GH at optimal readings for species that thrive in hard water.
  3. Mineral requirements of crustacean for molting and growth such as snails, crabs and shrimp. 
  4. Weekly maintenance.
  5. Emergency dose if lime is unable to supply minerals in a short time.


Each 1ml GH Booster can increase 9dGH for every 1 liter of tank/aquarium water. Each 1ml is also capable to increase the KH on average 7dKH per 1 liter by adding hydroxide salts without raising PH suddenly. We recommend the use of KH Booster if you want to increase KH & PH simultaneously.

The chart shown the appropriate potential species types according to water hardness.

Most species are able to survive at random hardness but are unable to thrive such as stunted growth or inhibited reproduction.

For example, Crayfish/Freshwater Shrimp such as Red Claw (Cherax Quadricarinatus) need hard water to grow due to high demand of calcium for molting.

Cichlids such as Oscar prefer harder water resembling the species’ native habitat in South America.

Foot note: Click the chart/diagram to zoom in.


  1. Shake before use.
  2. Calculate the target GH (deduct current GH reading).
  3. Use Dose Calculator to get the right dosage.
  4. Read GH reading after 15 minutes after dose has dissolved.
  5. Make sure the bottle is tightly closed when not in use.
Foot Notes :
If the pond/system has livestock, it is recommended that the dose not exceed 50ppm to reduce potential stress. Divide the dose into several phases over a period of 24 hours.


Calcium, Magnesium, Hydroxide, dan Distilled Water.

This product is phosphate FREE. No phosphate content can reduce the likelihood of algae bloom in aquariums/tanks.

This product does not contain any elements of Sodium and Chloride. Suitable for ponds/freshwater systems with aquatic plants.

The relationship between this parameter, the logic behind and chemistry of water is described intensively here (notes: blog post is in Bahasa).

GH content in the water will decrease from time to time due to several factors such as the occurrence of molting for crustacean. Most crustaceans will absorb dissolved calcium and magnesium ions directly from water during the molting process. The more crustaceans that molting, the less the calcium and magnesium content dissolved in the water hence GH content will deplete. It is recommended to keep the GH reading at the optimum level (8dGH) in order to maintaining growth.


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